#108 - One Way to Stop Thinking About Food All The Time

Are you tired of thinking about food all the time?

I remember when I was 40 pounds heavier, I would use food to not be bored, not feel overwhelmed, and try not to be sad.  If I was feeling bad, I was looking for something to eat.

Jalepeno kettle chips did the trick.

Until I started thinking endlessly about how terrible I was for eating them.  I was consumed with thinking about food...or beating myself up for eating food.

It was exhausting.

And, the boredom, overwhelm and sadness didn't go away.

When the chip were gone, it all came back.

This is Day 3 of our Prayer, Protocol, & Protein Challenge.  We talk about food decisions.  

Check it out to see the power of deciding.

If you'd like to learn how to stop the exhausting cycle of eating and feeling bad, and want to gain control and peace with food, check out our next "Stop Over-Eating" class starting April 15th.  Check it out here.