#99 - Overeating over Upsets

When something happens that upsets you, do you want to overeat?  

And for some of us, the action of over-eating upsets us enough so that we just keep over-eating.

When this happens, we can take our power back doing 2 steps & asking ourselves 5 questions.

Step 1:  Write what happened.  The whole story.  

Step 2:  List just the facts.

The rest is just story.  It’s what we are telling ourselves about the facts.  

The story is what creates how we feel about it.  That’s why sometimes…we feel ok about the situation and other times feel terrible about it.  

It’s not the situation that changes, it’s the story we are telling ourselves.

Listen in to hear about how I have been feeling about my fall and injury.  I share my process to taking my power back and over-coming that temptation to just eat my way through the pain.

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