#96 - Walking, Water & Whole Foods

Come experience the power of walking, water & whole foods in your weight-loss journey!

Join me in our 5 day free walking, water & whole food challenge.  We are starting January 2nd -January 6th.

We will met on zoom for an hour each day to dive into how:

  • walking affects our insulin levels and gets us fat burning
  • water gives our body what it needs so it doesn't retain water and keep us "puffy"
  • whole foods affect dopamine in our brain and to stop loving the food that keeps us from losing the weight we want. 

In our challenge, I will teach you how to implement what you learn and stick to it!

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If you aren't sure if the class is right for you, book a free 1:1 call with me on zoom.  We will chat together to see if this is the right fit.  The call is 30 minutes.  Book a call with me here.

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