#95- The Urge to Quit


Loving ourselves thin is a commitment.

I want to offer that there is no other path to thinness that is acceptable.

We all have those moments where we stand on the scale and it doesn't comply.  Even if we are doing all the things "right."  The scale can go up.

It's in these moments that we will be tempted to abandon ourselves.  

We decided we need to go to an extreme to get the "fat" off now.  Or we decide that nothing works and we tell ourselves to just go eat anything we want since nothing works anyway.

This never works.

In these moments, there will be anb urge to quit.  There will be an urge to get mad at yourself.  An urge to hate yourself.

These urges matter.

The difference between someone losing the weight permanently and someone who doesn't is managing these urges to quit.

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